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Recent Survey by The British Veterinary Association

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 2:06 pm

A recent survey by the British Veterinary Association has found areas of pet owner habits which are a cause for some concern. Chief among these are the regularity with which owners attempt to self-diagnose their pet’s ailments, and how often this leads to misdiagnosis.

The survey suggests that vets believe up to 98% of pet owner’s first point of call when their pet begins to suffer from a condition is to check online for any relevant information. It also shows that a good proportion of vets who’ve looked themselves at the available information regarding any common issue pets are likely to encounter is woefully inaccurate, and is itself often the cause for misdiagnoses.

Vets also suggest that examples of this behaviour often lead to the animal reaching them first at a later date than they should have done, and in much worse condition than they would have been if they’d been presented with the pet in a timely fashion. They also say that the likely cause of this behaviour is financial in nature.

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