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Posted on February 17, 2014 at 2:47 pm

There has always been a portion of the pet culture dedicated towards owning exotic pets. When people talk about exotic pets, often times they mean non domesticated animals. These animals natural habitat is not your living room, so treating them and expecting from them the same that you would with a cat or dog is foolish. The end result is that you need to spend a lot more money on providing them with an enriching environment. So, for instance, a monkey of some sort, will require a pen where you can place them, and trust that they won’t  become depressed. After you have all of the necessary equipment to be a responsible pet owner, you still need to acknowledge that the pet is not a dog, and won’t ever be as tame or supportive as owning a dog. The pet rescue apparatus is flush with exotic pets whose owners quickly became aware of how unprepared they were to raise an exotic pet. This has caused a continuous stream of new legislation outlawing various species from being domesticated. This is ultimately in the best interests of the animals and the owners, as very few people are fully prepared to care for what is practically a wild animal. Making sure that you understand your role before you buy an exotic pet is the only responsible choice, and abstaining entirely is perhaps more responsible.

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