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Posted on April 28, 2015 at 8:27 am

Do you run a pet shop, or are you looking to set up a new business? Trying to find affordable, high quality pet shop supplies? If you need pet supplies for sale – or if you’re looking to save money by bulk-buying for home use – then consider purchasing online from a reliable retailer. You can get amazing discounts on leading brands, and you can find everything that pet owners could possibly need. Search for a reputable seller and check out their reviews – other people’s experiences are a great way to verify that a business is trustworthy.

Pet food and medicines

Keeping an animal happy and healthy has a lot to do with the food it eats. Some animals require a special diet, and it’s important to offer a wide range of foods in your store. Cats, dogs and other domestic animals sometimes require a specific diet that targets a medical condition, or that offers health benefits such as an improved coat or better dental care. Consider whether you want your business to cater to more exotic animals, or whether you want to bring in specialist pet shop supplies. You might also want to stock medicines for pets, including treatments for common problems like fleas and worms, and specialist products for treating fish, lizards and other pets. Lots of people will also go to their local pet store to purchase treats for their furry friends, so stock up on popular treats for cats and dogs such as safe pet chocolates, meaty chew sticks and catnip drops.

Toys and accessories

Part of having a pet is getting to spend time playing with it, and there’s lots of demand for accessories to dress up pets or to make walkies more fun. Consider bringing some toys for pets into your store when you’re shopping for pet shop supplies – your customers will snap them up. Balls, wind up toys and squeaky toys are all very interactive and ensure that pets can play by itself or with their owners. Choose a wide variety of leads too – some owners will want extendable leashes w
[1:04:21 PM] Kathryn Allison: while others prefer to keep their pet at close quarters. Harnesses are also available for other pets, too.


From hay for rabbits and sawdust for hamsters to luxury beds for dogs and cats, there’s plenty of different beds on the market. Pet owners love their animals and want them to be comfortable, so any shopping list for pet shop supplies should include bedding for domestic pets. Wholesale beds are also a great choice for kennels and catteries, charities and veterinary surgeries, where discounted prices are vital and there’s a need to cater to a lot of different animals’ needs.

Buying online means that you get the benefit of a fast shopping experience, delivery to your door and a lowered price from a trusted wholesale retailer: all vital when you’re shopping for business stock. Wholesale is also a great way to get affordable products for your home or for pet accommodation services.

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