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Foods you should not give your Dog

Posted on December 26, 2013 at 2:14 pm

We’ve all heard of various foods that are not suitable for our pets, and dogs in particular will suffer from if they eat, and we’re here to give you details on foods that your dog should avoid Discover More.

Sugary food such as chocolate and sweets is a definite no, in fact this is the same as humans, it can create tooth decay and diabetes, whilst sugarless sweets can cause liver damages, so really it’s best to avoid all kinds of chocolate and sweets.

Onions and Garlic can be very dangerous for dogs, so before you give your hound some leftover bolognaise or chilli con carne, think about the ingredients, if it contains garlic or onion, it’s definitely a no and it can lead to haemolytic anaemia.

Various nuts such as macadamia and walnuts contain a toxin that can affect different systems in the body, and if a dog consumes too much of these nuts he or she can essentially be poisoned, so no matter how sad his or her puppy dog eyes are, do not give in.

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