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Giving Pet Advice to Customers

Posted on October 20, 2019 at 12:03 am

Working in the pet industry, many roles are customer facing. If you have a customer facing role and regularly work with the public and their pets, you might find that there are certain questions people ask you. Often these will be to do with their pets – either existing ones, or ones that they are going to get in future. As someone who works in the pet industry they will usually expect you to be able to offer advice.

Always listen in full to whatever people have to tell you when offering pet advice. If needs be, they should be directed towards a vet. If you are able to help them, it’s important you give unbiased advice and help them to make informed decisions. For example, if they are thinking about getting a certain type of pet, like a dog or a cat, you should be able to advise on both types of pet and offer advice about care.

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